Nyah, nyah!


What the Hell (second Sunday Secret for 14 October 1012)?

That just ruined my Sunday morning. (Hell, it drove me back to blogging.)

Seriously, why was this sent in and posted? So some poor man will see his birthday, look at the photo and think “My god, I have five siblings! I must get in touch wi…Oh.”

Because he can’t, can he?

Daaaamn. )-: That’s gotta sting.

I think I once said a certain percentage of the “secrets” on this site are mere brags, and that’s how this one feels to me. I read this postcard and the six-year-old adopted kid inside me heard the voices of those children chanting “Ha ha, look what you’ll never have!”

We already know we’re dirty little secrets. You don’t have to rub our noses in it, and I find it difficult to believe grown-ups do rub adoptees’  noses in it the way some kids did/do…

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