Could’ve been …..Non-id=That’s me

I got so excited when I seen this post of a fellow adoptee in search in NY. No match for me though but a match is needed just the same so I’m sharing this.  They would have been a nice set of four older siblings for me though. I’m running out of ideas and registries. I have no name and Google is failing me. I started a group on FB for Adoptees in search in Onondaga Count and neighboring areas. The problem is ….Where are my siblings? Do they exist? Do they even know I exist? The way my search is going, I’m wondering if I do actually exist. Maybe that is the idea of the non-id info. Non-id=That’s me. So I am the roots of my family tree. I hope I’m enough for my children and grand children.

5 thoughts on “Could’ve been …..Non-id=That’s me

    • That’s right but I’m getting tired of “at least” lol I want “at most” for a change. I’m doing the DNA registry next. I feel like there is a lie involved in my info or a carefully placed blank.

      • I am getting tired of it I just mean we are actively looking.

        The DNA registry sounds very interesting and neat. I doubt they have that for other countries. I did the DNA test with and it found my 8th Not close enough to know anything about my life, but its on there now if anyone decided to get theirs done who might be related to me.
        I also was able to find my ethnicity through that which I wasn’t 100 percent about.

        I wish you the best on your journey and look forward to reading about it!

  1. Yes if nothing else the DNA will be interesting for me to know my ethnicity too. I wish you the best also and I’m sure we’ll chat again. I’ll be reading 🙂

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