1-2 weeks Echoing in my Ears.

Tormenting me. Although I Know the results of my DNA kit may not provide me with the ultimate answer “Who am I” or “Was I?” or even who my mother was. Not to mention who are/were my siblings. It won’t tell me If there even were any nor if anything in my non-identifying information is correct. But it may shed some light on my nationality/origins. I may be able to find a few surnames to “play” with. 1-2 weeks is up tomorrow and not a moment before. I know this as I checked all the “moments” before. I hear it is usually late and I simply can’t think too much on that possibility at this time. They need to work over time if business is that good. And judging from all the Adoptees in Upstate NY without a name, business should be booming. There is a lot of money being made off of us nameless folks.

I’ve been working on my adopted family’s tree as well while I wait for the Unknown tree to be filled in. A lot of mysteries there too. May be clues there as well. Interesting things. What I find discouraging is the message boards on ancestry dot com. Especially the adoptee ones. Seems like no one replies to anyone on there. Old posts with no chatter. I feel that my siblings were not adopted, at least not in the legal sense. Perhaps they went with Step parents or Aunts and Uncles but wouldn’t be a fellow adoptee in search. That makes it even more difficult as they wouldn’t be registered etc. If they were to post a query it would be for their surname. They would disregard any reply from anything but and ignore any post not in reference to that surname. That surname that we adoptees have no way of knowing. So unless the posts has a date close to my birthday and titled Baby Surname/Doe/Unknown or something I would have no idea if it were me they were looking for.

I got a reply to my email and it was a …No? I think. It didn’t really say no but the person who would have been 14 years of age when I was born and should have known. There was a (would be) half sister born after me.  It fit so perfect with my info. But for some reason, she said she couldn’t help me. I need a Maury Povich type answer….”No you are NOT my sister!” lol Spell it out to me, I’m thick. And tired. And old. Getting older. She mentions a Half sister. I’m assuming she knows already what I’ve researched so far?? Perhaps I should email back and make sure she knows what I do. Perhaps the match could be made for her if not for me. Wow. Secrets everywhere and for what? Life is short. Getting shorter for me.


One thought on “1-2 weeks Echoing in my Ears.

  1. Oh yes the wait is agonizing! I didn’t know they had a forum I need to check that out. My husband found some distant cousins but no one has bothered to reply back to the messages. No one understand urgency like we do. Lol. Anyway I hope you get some answers ! 🙂

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