Don’t get your hopes up

That was good advice but they are up just the same. It’s not hard to though compared to how low they were. My results have not posted yet BUT my origins part did. That means it’s any day now. So …no I’m not Irish and Italian anymore. But I’m not German/English either….necessarily. I’m 98% European and 2% Middle East. Looks like Some German and Scandinavian mostly. This isn’t a real specific test I’m sure but it gives an idea. I’ve got project matches as a result already. Not people matches yet but groups. That is still good and helpful for my journey.

98 euro German Scandinavian origin turkey

I’m hoping for some locations and surnames at least next. That would really help to narrow down my search. This is so interesting… all of it. That interest is helping with the more emotional part of this. The doubtful part of it all. The enraging part of it all. I’m trying not to check the site 10 times per day but it is hard not to. If only i could just check once per 24 hour period. I hope some family whoever and where ever they are also upload to GEDMATCH and if they are already there, may they too WAIT for my results to be in before they leave the site. I’ve heard a few people say it’s been a long time and they taking there info down. OMG hang on lol

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