I finally got my results from Genographic and am waiting on them to transfer to FTDNA. Interesting stuff. I’m   U5B2C2. I’m hoping this might help me weed through some matches. I’ve searched every surname on every tree I am connected with for a woman who died in early 1967. I’m not having much luck that way. I can’t help but question my non-id. It’s looking like my closest match is connected to me on my father’s side. That wouldn’t be bad if he were married to my mother and if she in fact died in 1967. I’m not sure either of these things are true. I wish more people used GEDmatch. I’ve read about a lot of people who forget to put their data public on FTDNA and a lot more on 23andme who don’t reply or share Genomes. I have a kit at ancestry.com but it will be just a few thousand years more before it’s ready 🙂

Through my searching I think I may have found the real Angela Marie. I sent the link to her possible birth mom who is going to go shopping and running errands first????? I don’t know. It sure looks like her. Angela Marie is the person who we (myself, birth mom, and many search angels) thought I was. Turns out, I was not. 14 years later, I find this out. We did DNA back then but it was only 3 markers. We ARE NOT a match. We fell for the whole 100% motherhood confirmation thing. I jumped right back into searching so that I wouldn’t actually feel the weight of this news. My Ex natural mother (so to speak) has since done the DNA kit I sent her and is now (after running errands today) going to resume her search. I hope she has quick results. I hope she actually clicks on the link I sent her to the adoptee born on the day i was born in the same state. This woman looks more like her too. I believe  it’s the one I sent her 14 years ago (her listing–no facebook at the time) that she said wasn’t her Angela Marie. Maybe it’s not, but it looks like the perfect cross between her and the birth father. It would be so nice if it is a match. Except for the fact she didn’t check it out when I first sent the link to her search query.


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