The world is running out of LSD, apparently


trippy gif‘LSD is one of the two or three most important things I’ve done in my life,’ the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, famously said.

Please don’t go looking for some in the hope that it will turn you into a tech genius. Not only will LSD not do that to you but you’d also be looking for a very, very long time – because there’s a shortage.

In the 1960s, acid wasn’t just a hippie staple. All types of people from musicians to Harvard professors were experimenting with acid, either recreationally or in the hope of yielding some spiritual, creative or therapeutic benefit.

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In the modern day, you don’t hear much about it and the reason why may be because there’s so little around.

According to University of Michigan researchers, there was a sharp decline in use of LSD among 12th graders (17 year-olds)…

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