Nacho Mama

I got a reply. Nacho Mama. He was very polite and even took a while before replying. Maybe he was checking things out, like me, my info and his own tree. He may have even spoke with family members. He said it was his aunt in question and she was far too ill in 1966 to have even conceived. Ok then, on we go. I read on some facebook group again where someone got their “updated non id”. I know when I tried that this year, I got shut down immediately. I got a copy of the same old info with a big red “copy” stamped across it and a letter letting me know the date I first got it. They weren’t looking at any other info just sending me what I already got years ago and a note to let me know that they know I got it. Yet, somehow, some people get that. The agency that handled my adoption simply refers me to the state and says they don’t deal with any old adoption info. Yet other’s claim they have done this. In fact, the State of NY adoption registry has a check box to get info from the agency. I’ve tried both ways (check/uncheck) and get nothing. I wonder now, did a birth family member years ago in fact contact the registry to make it clear they do NOT want contact or info released? Is my case but a flagged one? I find no evidence at all of my mother. DNA seems to point to my father and his people. Unless my mother did NOT die in early 1967 of septicemia cause by streptococcal infection origin unknown. Unless she was not 32 when I was born. Having 4 children prior to me does not insure they were live births nor does it disprove her have 4+ children prior to me. She could have had 10 prior to me. Nothing states where I was born. Nothing states where or if she was buried. I somehow ended up adopted out by Onondaga Social Services with the help of Caswell as an attorney. I found adoption application approval along with my doctor’s booklet form after adoption and an Order of adoption. Nothing has any other name than “the adoption of Susan Marie” That is it. My adopted parents swear they never knew my name or any information prior to my adoption. They did say they overheard the name Kline and they think  it’s something to do with my birth mother/father or foster home. I found no birth announcements on my date and time where I can not see evidence of that child growing up (marriage, graduation, jail etc) No vanishing child. The woman I got convinced was my birth mother will not share her DNA results with me. No closure there. I thought perhaps since we shared 3 markers way back then on the bogus test, we would at least be distant cousins. I’ll never know. She either threw out the test or is hiding something. I could be her sister for all I know lol. I know I don’t share any DNA with the fellow that would have been my birth DAD. So maybe there is something wrong there. Who knows? I sure don’t. Maybe my ex birth mom and I DO match and she doesn’t want us to. Perhaps that is what she is hiding. It sure stinks to put it lightly. I jumped right back into my search in an attempt to NOT think of what prompted her to call and say there was a mistake. I jumped back in to my search to NOT feel yet another rejection. Mostly to not waste any more time. It does make me wonder what prompted that call. Did she know something all along? I did notice some strange behavior from her but just over looked it. No one is perfect. When it comes down to it though, there is that whole do unto others thing. I would never do that to another human being. I was excited to show my results and what we may have in common. She made it a point to mess up a kit, get another kit number and password, claim to have to wait until “next weekend” “after shopping” “some other time to Untangle this mess” That is the one that got me. More computer saavy than I, yet setting up a new account is a “mess” that needs “untangled”?????? Yeah, OK. I don’t know what to think anymore. Another search angel just dropped. She told me I need a genetic genealogist. NO, What I need is Penelope Garcia 🙂 No muss no fuss. She’d break right into the truth. I don’t think any surname at this point is going to help with this. There is something wrong. I got a 3rd cousin that proved to be a 5th and I think my second cousin is really a 4th cousin. I think it has something to do with INLAWS mating. We share more DNA than what we should because we share on more than one side. My parents are NOT related according to gedmatch. That doesn’t necessarily mean that my father’s people weren’t related. If one side has that “pedigree collapse”  that may be all it takes to raise the DNA. I think, don’t know. My mother and her other people vanished. I have a distant cousin now that has a U5b2something else. Mine is U5B2C2 —closest I’ve seen so far. I wonder. I know my second cousins people on both sides are OLD enough to put more gens between us. They show that they mated late in life. If one got pregnant early or got a maid pregnant early then her Grand parent could easily be my Great Grandparent. Something like that is happening. And another adoption and her grandparents people mated. I have tons of 4th and 5th cousins with adopted greats. I also have a few that were adopted themselves. We are dealing with Quakers here people. I thought for sure as did my 4th cousin that we were related on her father’s side. No, her mother’s GGGgrandmother Patience was the sister to my GGGGgrandfather John Rodman. It is the only common ancestor I can find in fact (so far) So I’m guessing I share with my second with Asa and Jacob Rodman. By the way, John  had a son who named his son after his great uncle Asa. Caused a lot of confusion for me lol The thought has crossed my mind that I am related to my second cousin on her Mother’s and Father’s side. So Maybe we only appear to be 2nd cousins. Maybe I only appear to be here right now. Maybe nothing is as it appears. What I do know is that my mother is not appearing at all.


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