Still at it…..An update…

This time I found a potential cousin using information from my DNA matches but he has not tested. His wife has a great tree on Ancestry. So I was brave and contacted her. She replied pretty quick and it sounds like they are interested/curious. I know this because she said “We are curious” lol. This is great news for me. I explained that due to a common ancestor with a different cousin then her husbands I’ve focused now on that surname. This may turn out to be my Birth father’s side. I’m thinking her husband could be a closer match than my second cousin. His wife seems to be great at genealogy. Her tree is well cited and it’s complete with some photos and accurate information. We exchanged emails and I’m now waiting for her to check things out. Her keen eye may spot something I couldn’t. Plus it helps to actually have a tree ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps he will test and this will either rule them out or NOT. Not would be nice.

Last night I took a walk down memory lane and shared some memories with a friend about my childhood. OOPS. She now understands my sense of humor. I need it. I learned it at a young age. She asked and off I went. I shared a minor story or two. I forget sometimes how unique my upbringing was. But so be it. Twasn’t so bad. Just a lot of head games. It was hard raising my parents but I got through.. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have things coming and going in this house. I went nuts looking for my cash box with my fancy inks/pens/markers in it. Never did find it. ย I wanted to include a little creativity in my life before I go mad. Everything is packed away and nothing is really set up here as I would like it. I can’t just mosey over to any one place in this house and just create. It’s a chore to create a spot and get everything out and put it back. Not like home. I have things more convenient there.

The Grand baby and Furry Kids seem to be happy. Food, Fun, and Going bye bye seem to be enough to keep them happy. They have no idea why I get online so much lately though. I bribe them all so I can. I also stay up late so I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

FTDNA finally completed the Geno 2.0 transfer so now my U5B2C2 is proudly displayed and searchable. No new matches on there, Gedmatch or ancestry. They are probably all on 23andme. I may have to include them in my search as soon as money permits. I have a few mouths to feed first.

I’ve been going through on FTDNA and putting notes everywhere. It helps to determine for example if a male matches me on x then I at least know to look on his mother’s side. I have seen a few kits managed by someone else and I hope they at least put the sex right of the actual DNA. It worries me a little on some of them. ย If they are married on their little tree (if they have one) it helps determine the sex if they have a username that could be anything along with a photo of a couple. I always think Wow. Just Wow. I don’t want to think of a couple’s DNA for some reason lol Not to mention the little pink or blue person is gone. I have one that is not married and has a photo of a couple. That is not cool but at least I didn’t share x with this person as it would leave a question mark ย in my notes. I match a couple of U5s and one U5B2 something else. A lot of people don’t test for that so that isn’t too helpful. I wonder if the U5b2 is close enough? I’m thinking of testing my oldest daughter with FF +FSM just to see how accurate it is. I worry it may confuse things for me further though. She may end up closer to my matches than I am. Then what?

My ex natural mother finally logged into her account and discovered her 2nd kit was lost in the mail. She is getting another one she says. I told her straight out it’s driving me crazy not knowing if she was at least a distant or remote cousin for that joke test years ago to show us as a match. We did match on 3 markers (if those lotus things were markers). We were not “qualifying people” but like I’ve said in prior posts, we had no clue. It was a peace of mind test. What peace of mind is it to have inconclusive results that look like you are mother and daughter? I wonder how many other people have been “reunited” with these bogus results. I’d hate to think my sibling was “reunited” years ago and quit looking based on those results.

This was that "peace of mind" test that offered no Peace of mind. See the confusion for two searchers longing for family?

This was that “peace of mind” test that offered no Peace of mind. See the confusion for two searchers longing for family?

The assumption of motherhood confirmed. Not nice, people. Not nice.

That was then and this is now. Now I’m fishing a bigger pool. Still would like to know if we are connected at all genetically. Seems we were no more likely related than thousands of others. Or would it just be hundreds? Maybe she will actually send her kit in this time and we’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Still at it…..An update…

  1. My fingers are still crossed for you! Try to keep your sanilty while waiting. It would be interesting to know if any one else has ever had a mother daughter mix up with DNA testing. Sounds fishy, but I suppose it could happen.

  2. I tracked the guy down that founded the company. He now does fertility work. He gave this explanation on how if she had called they would have suggested a local court approved lab etc. She thought he should be sued but it would be one of those things were it’s stated what it is on the bottom and we were to know what it meant etc They still sell those test to this day but now a lot cheaper and at Walgreens and some other pharmacies. The old site still stands but with no contact updated. I found him through Manta and then googled his personal name and found the fertility company. Most people that took that test back then probably never found out it was garbage. I can’t imagine what that test would prove??? It’s like saying “yeah, don’t worry, it’s your kid.” DNA Id Check was the name out of Chicago.
    What’s done is done. I hope this potential cousin follows through. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Good luck to you. My mother was adopted – then her adopted parent died and she was “left” in someone’s care – I guess social services were way-different then. She received a birth certificate at some point and my brother’s been using genealogical documentation to trace her family. From your experience, it sounds like DNA – at least, the “popular” tests I see advertised – can be a scam. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • Thank you. Mine was a sealed adoption. I still have the post it a worker wrote telling me “you have no right to this information” . This was years ago when I requested my birth/pre adoption info.

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