Stand Still.

I’m thankful for the replies from my cousins. I was told I looked just like one’s mother when she was a child. However, they won’t show me the photo lol (it’s funny….and sad.) They lady who’s husband is probably my 1st cousin wrote back and basically said that it’s not possible. I’ll have to re read the email later and see if it included anything. But basically, it says interesting life/story but nah. That is the side that actually shares a person with most of my other cousins and has stayed in the Upstate NY area forever. (from Wisconsin). I have some Canadian cousins also.

I paid for 2 tests and one person won’t share the results with me. For whatever reason, I can’t see them. Nice. They even made it a point to change the log in so that when the test is done “being lost in the mail” it will be private. She also filled out no surnames/tree. What is the point? I’d love to have some closure on that one but so be it. My second cousin knows a 1st cousin on her father’s side (her grandpa’s brother’s kid’s kid) who may be willing to test if I pay.  It doesn’t appear that should be the side to focus on but I may buy him a test anyways. Hopefully he won’t go all private. We’ll see when I make the offer to send a kit.

We are dealing with Quakers with 1000 children each. Who married into and out of a million times on all sides. Not saying MamaSiser or anything but bros marrying a set of sisters and cousins of one generation marrying inlaw’s offspring of another. I have connections on all sides of my second cousin. My parents weren’t related. My father’s people may have been. Hopefully my children’s parents aren’t related. I’m going to test that 😉

It’s aggravating. Some things never change I suppose. Unless one is named in a Will once you are legally adopted out –you are not a threat to anyone. What is the worry? Can’t save face now, so what is the deal? What is/was is/was. Who cares? Unless my mother did not die in 1967. Even so, she is probably gone by now anyways. What is the secret now? My Search Art Diary

I know that I am in two circles now on ancestry. Flint and Hart. This is because I attached myself to my Make Believe Tree. I put myself in an approximate position that works out a little further than my DNA matches suggest. In this iffy tree I am a Ketchum/Reed named Ketchum Kid lol . My people are from Ontario County NY and Wisconsin. So I have the same DNA hints. Matches not attached to trees or private are among the closest ones. Some don’t have a tree at all and haven’t logged in for a few years. My surnames are Miller, Smith, Hart, Lewis, Flint, Rodman, Moore and Phelps. I have Clarks Wheelers and Smiths all over on all sides in all generations. Lets not forget Mary Fuller. Never the same Mary Fuller but she is everywhere lol Dates and locations vary 🙂 Balls and Longs. I have northern and southern Balls. Speaking of Longs, I have a couple of Shorts too. Hill, Hall and add a few letters on the front or back. Ooops, forgot Tuttle on one side and Tuthill on the other.

Gedmatch has been busy for awhile  this week. This may mean new matches for us all when they get caught up. Maybe my one to many will produce new results this time.


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