23andMe Can’t take it anymore….

I used to think I was a patient person. Now there is simply no time for patience 🙂 I’m still stuck on step 4 on 23andMe and it’s driving me crazier than normal. Gedmatch has been good and fast but with no new matches. FTDNA I decided to go ahead and upgrade thinking they already had my kit so it wouldn’t take too long. Apparently, it takes just as long. I saw new buttons appear and I thought that meant it was well in the works. No such deal. April something. Unbelievable.

Ancestry results are way off. The matches are not even in order. Not by length of block nor cM. I have no idea what they use to determine matches and I don’t think they do either. My FF matches on FTDNA have grown but nothing closer.

I may end up with some updated non id. I’m afraid to queer it so I won’t  say much. It’s more hopeful than the “not at all” I was experiencing before.

I was offline after I updated my service and phone. The new cricket (which is now using the OLDER GSM) blocks tethering even with an app. The option to share wifi or tether is completely removed from the phones they sell although they are common options on those models. Even with a 3rd party app, Cricket blocks it. Why would anyone pay extra for more bandwidth to use on a tiny phone? If you pay for the data, it should not be their concern how you reach the internet. So I ended up now with 2 new providers. I ordered from my phone and one failed. So I tried another and when I checked for my confirmation email I found the one that failed…..did not. It look’s like my son will have some mifi to share with his closest neighbors lol. Cricket is the devil. Verizon or someone was just told they couldn’t block tethering. I made it a point to tell them what cricket is doing. I hope they (cricket) get blasted legally by someone somewhere. It’s horse shite for them to control how you access the internet when you pay so much for broadband.

I keep running into people and ancestry trees that I found before my DNA testing. I have to be careful since I have so many common surnames not to “make” someone match. The closer I get, the more confused I am. Gillman, Briggs and Schuur. I am still where I have to rule people out. My Father’s people have been in the United States for a while. My Mother’s people, not so long. I go back to what would/could be her Greats and I’m in Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Canada, England and Switzerland. There are not many of them on ancestry.  If only these places would hire more people who work longer hours in the lab at least until my kits are ready.  Perhaps provide stronger coffee. (Not allowed near my kits of course)


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