2 Different=Too Different

Playing with gedmatch I’ve noticed some things that maybe aren’t there. My imagination or my instinct took over. My closest cousin, the one I suspect might not be that close (we may share different ancestors on different sides=too much DNA) and I don’t share origins on the vary chromosomes we match. The black areas represent where we don’t match with origins (my mother most likely) and they are huge. More than  half. I got this feeling (not true logical thought) that my parents were not a match made in heaven. I know “they say” opposites attract, but I “know” they sometimes attack. It’s not a nice idea but something is wrong here. Other than the fact that I woke up in the middle of the night to do this. I’m triangulating again with a different focus. I feel as though they did not date, were not in love, and did not marry. It was either a business arrangement or an offense. I was not a mere secret but a piece of evidence. My second cousin’s side was my father’s people and has a huge amount of ancestors. The other side was my mother’s people and have very few and even less DNA matches today. This could be for several reasons including but not limited to; economics, Regions, or reasons much darker. The ethnic painting comparison I did on gedmatch seemed to paint an interesting picture to say the least. My 3rd cousin that I suspect is on my mother’s side only shares one match on gedmatch. I just got done with the segment triangulation and see that she triangulates with NO ONE. No one.  I’m not sure what that means. I’m hoping for some new closer matches on 23andMe now all the more. If there isn’t any I’m taking another break. My search has been abandoned by the best of them. Logically it would be determined to have Not enough information given. Gut instinct can lead to disaster. Balance, it’s about balance here and facts are outweighed by guesses and blank spaces.


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