I Flunked

Out of 3 kits One made it to step 4 so far On 2-21-2015
Both other Kits just made it to step 4 today! 2/24/2015
All still on step 4 3/02/2015
California Lab
My kit just flunked and got sent back to step 3 not enough DNA 3-03-2015.

Susan, our laboratory attempted to isolate DNA from your saliva sample. Unfortunately, the sample did not yield sufficient quantities of DNA.

Your sample is going through a second round of DNA isolation.

So now my DNA is faulty. I wondered why people were passing me and going to step 4.5 within a few days when their kits were received after mine. I hope this isn’t the case with my other kit. Not even held back but DEMOTED to step 3. I have no idea what happened. I tested at 3 other companies successfully. Must have been a bad DNA day for me. Or maybe they didn’t do something right when isolating it. Who knows? I hope this round works and I don’t have to spit in that stupid thing again. Good GAWD. I joined the little 23andMe groups now they probably think I’m a scammer with no kit who just wants to clone them all! There really was no way to study for this test. I don’t know what I could have done differently in order to pass. Maybe it will succeed this time and go quickly. If it’s their error, I hope someone else does it this time or the one who did it the first time has advanced in their skills. Maybe I’m dying of some strange disease and my DNA is diminishing before the final slumber. I’m trying to move Forward not backward. My spit has failed me? Oh brother. Or sister? I won’t know until my results come in!!!


3 thoughts on “I Flunked

  1. I think that happened to me with AncestryDNA. I hate the spit tests. Just make sure there are no bubbles below the line, that you haven’t had anything to eat or drink for a long time before you do it (it says at least a half hour, but I did it first thing in the morning), and bite the insides of your cheeks a lot. LOL.

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