So Alike and such little differences/Brown Eyed Jewish Mutant that I love :-)

My boys are still on step 5. I got them on gedmatch. They match my second cousins. Some of them.  I told my son Jamesy that I’m sorry I didn’t know. I offered him a bar mitzvah. Also—He has a different maternal haplogroup according to 23andMe than his siblings and me. Not an incomplete one, but a different one. I told him he was a mutant —he got a regular kick out of that. We are u5b2c2 (u5b2c according to 23andMe) He came up U5b2a2. I’d say lab problem due to the other theories meaning he had blood problems etc. He is healthy. I know he is mine and he is definitely his Dad’s. Mutations are rare. But then again so is he seeing as he is now my only brown-eyed mutant Jewish child. I contacted the company -no response yet.

Most of my highest matches on 23andMe are private. I sent out introductions with pleas to compare/share genomes. I sent out 6 and 3 people accepted so far. One wrote me back and shared his good tree with me. I like those public profile type folks like me 🙂 I don’t quite understand the other ones but maybe they are into other things. Nothing  closer though. I was hoping for a close match but it appears my people are someplace other than a DNA pool. i could be a great great aunt or something so maybe one of those matches will appear one day.

23andMe is set up sort of as a little fun site. One can even hear a tune played from their own DNA. It’s a little better with health info but that is no longer available. Thanks control freaks! Now I have no grace notes. I like the straight forward feel of FTDNA the best really. I wish you could add more matches to the chromo browser but it’s still a good data filled experience. Ancestry has the trees. Even if your match only has a tiny tree, you can at least develop it yourself to get an idea of where you may connect to them. That myheritage thing on 23andMe is a complete idiotic  farce if you are trying to figure stuff out. I guess it would be just fine if you had a little family that you knew about already and just wanted to display them. Maybe add a new member once in awhile, but it sucks moose cock for trying to discover anything new. The 23andMe is a pretty, colorful experience with lots of little tidbits and forums and ways to go her to do this and then go there to do that. It’s a cheerful place. I need info though. I suppose I need to familiarize more.

The main thing is  that I’m there now and soon the kids will update too. I already see the use for them to be tested when it pertains to my own search as I can see how much that pedigree collapse means. Not much. if we were 3rd or 4th cousins it may mean more. But us sharing all that cM means that even if we really should share less we would still be nearly 2nd cousins. I don’t see a need to go back too much further to cover that. Maybe an extra one gen. The boys match her the right amount -3rd cousins. Over  100 cMs.

Oh the neanderthal thing went up from 2.3 to 2.4% for me. No mention of my 1.5% denisovan. But my sons are 2.5% and 2.7% (for my little Jewish child.  🙂  )



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