The search continues…

Well to punish me for my bug report FTDNA made as though my daughters kit was never ready and not only were the 4 little matches gone but it was put back in a delayed status with a date of 5-13-15. Luckily they were ready today. Advanced matching is still messed up but at least the matches are there. While her report was still “on order” Someone found her on chromosome 16 on gedmatch. She shares the same spot with others for this woman. I’m thinking it’s a bout cracked which means many people’s brick walls will be plowed through thanks to this adoptee’s daughter πŸ™‚ Well, thanks to her DNA. Funny thing is the mrca looks to be from NC or GA. Pretty cool stuff here. This match is on her Dad’s side. I’m not sure if it’s his Gibbs or his Jack-Tahkoney side. Even though both his mother’s parents were BB (full blood) Creek—it is always possible one of their ancestors mingled with some European and then they with another European and so on. What was interesting is there are these White haired Davis twins. Well they are my matches. They are my daughter’s too BUT they also match my child’s match on her father’s side. Boy, those Davises! lol What’s more is that it may actually be a Davis that connects my daughter to her relative on her Dad’s side. I got a history lesson out of this and got to see Dillie Jack not only on the Dawes Rolls but in the census.

I heard from a mtDNA match and although she lives in Ireland, the list of maiden names she gave me seem to line up in my research quite well. In fact there is a family we were looking at in Upstate NY that may be part of that line. We lack one surname from this puzzle though. Β One of my candidates for a mother seems to lead me to believe she is not my branch but yet I’m related to her family. I get 6 DNA hints when I attach to her. It’s strange though, the spouses’ ancestors of 4th great uncles seem to match better. I’ve worded that wrong but it’s as though it’s the right family but not blood. Names that I’ve seen over and over on FTDNA but have no known connection to seem to appear as the spouse of some of these people that I’ve attached my DNA to. I wouldn’t be surprised if I am not the daughter of this person but a 4th cousin to her quite by accident lol We are close but I can’t help but wonder if my parent was adopted. Or even adopted by a family member by marriage and under that paperwork. I told the lady that has been helping me “I hope I wasn’t part of the forced adoptions in Ireland” She said well your non id says Protestant—I couldn’t help but say “Catholics and Protestants look a lot alike” lol I don’t trust my non id that much. My adopted parents were protestant. So DSS may just come up with a “protestant” child for them.

The social worker type woman thing told me that my updated non id was 3rd down on her desk. That was forever ago. I have no idea when or if I am going to get this. I don’t know what info is going to be in there. Same stuff, more or something different. Am I waiting so long because she wants to be helpful and put as much as possible? Or is it so long because she is hoping i’ll forget or just go away? Is she carefully constructing some more lies in hopes of hindering? I don’t know. I still don’t know why my once “matched” mother decided to call me 13 years later and say “There has been a mistake” What prompted that? Some change of heart or was her agreement up? Or was her daughter located? Or did she know something all along? I have no idea how to take that. It did seem odd she called after my Adad died. She waited till my aunt uncle and both a-parents were gone to make that call. I may never know why she doesn’t seem interested in finding her real daughter now. I’ve sent her every link I could find to candidates. I don’t think she clicked πŸ™‚ Maybe she didn’t need to. I know I didn’t skip a beat in my search though. I wasted 13 years thinking I was reunited. Thinking, Gee, I look nothing like my own blood lol Well, Gee, maybe because I wasn’t their blood. Silly me.

I have 8 0 distant mtDNA matches. 5 have also done FF tests on FTDNA and did NOT match me. 3 have not. I of the 3 i think may be dead. i wonder if the other 2 did an autosomal test elsewhere? If they haven’t then there is still hope πŸ™‚ Maybe they will. Or maybe they have and are private and will suddenly unblock the world. I can dream.

My DNA guy is on vacation again. I sure hope he comes back soon. I’m patient. I wish I could just rent him a little room in the basement or something. It would be nice. Well, for me lmao. I could install a huge gerbil wheel for him for a little exercise once in a while. A little sunlight through the basement window would provide him enough vitamin D to stay healthy enough to work on my tree. If he gets the job done quick enough he can eat a hot meal in no time at all. Time will simply fly by it will. Ah well, enough fantasy.

All in Due time.


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