When some Americans, now talk about “making America great again.”

What exactly are they talking about?

As far as I can see, the United States of America (USA) is still one of the greatest nations on Earth.

No matter where you go in the world, you will find many people in other countries, who want to come and live in the USA.

The USA has military bases and installations in many foreign countries, all over the world.

The world’s most wealthiest individuals and corporations are based in the USA.

I would have understood if they said, “make America greater.”

But to say, “make America great again,” is saying that America should return to a time period, in its’ history when it was greater than it is now.

What time period in our history, was the United States of America, a great country for ALLits’ citizens?

Was America great when:


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A little more waiting….

It’s going to take the return of DNA results to verify this family it seems. Totally get it. I do. It seems there is a little worry about sharing things with this adoptee stranger to possibly find out we are not related in the end. Worry of disappointment. I understand, who wants to feel like they exploited themselves without knowing? If they knew me though, they would know I wouldn’t judge anyways. But I understand, they don’t in fact know me. So, we wait until it’s safe to be excited about this. It was mentioned that a sibling wants to see a signed relinquishment paper. Problem there=sealed records are not going to provide that. Family courts don’t work like that to begin with much less when there is an adoption involved. They may be able to get some files if there was an attorney involved on their end, acting as the executor of estate or what have you. Perhaps some papers left in an attic somewhere. Not likely but you never know. Anything short of that, well, there is a reason it is called NON identifying information. If there are names to be found, I sure wouldn’t have access to them.

I’m not sure if we are still going to meet and tread lightly or just wait until the DNA is ready first. I don’t want to be pushy but I also don’t want to seem disinterested either. I’m not sure really how to be. I’ve looked for a long time. I feel a little lost right now but that is OK.

So I had recommended FTDNA to my brother. How long is that again? 6 plus weeks? Maybe I should have just told him ancestry and begged later for him to upload it to gedmatch for tools. At least the initial results wouldn’t take so long. My daughter’s FF took 2 + months. OH lawd! Now what? I guess I just go about my days and give this a rest for now. There is really nothing I can do to actively move this along. I am still looking for a photo of Mom. Can’t find one. I somehow feel that will seal the deal for me. Do I look like her? Maybe someday I will see a photo. Patience. I hope I live long enough to see her.

23andMe is usually the fastest but is a total pain in the neck in NY state. I didn’t want to put him through that. Instead, it seems I’ve put myself through ages of more waiting 🙂

Since the siblings are of the same birth order and dates of birth as my non id and their mother died of the same cause of death at the same time as my mother in the same hospital —I’d say it’s pretty certain. If this is not my family then what? Did the non id just pick someone out of the newspaper obits and jot down those circumstances to me? Because I know there is no way in hell any two people would be born the same year and their husband the same year as stated in my non id and have these identical circumstances. Right down to the rumors they heard that coincides with my non id. We are dealing with a city not a parallel universe here.

I must say this is rather aggravating but such is life ….at times.

I’ve urged them all to sign up for the sibling reunion registry itself. Of course that could take years for a response. But at least it would be a paper type proof for them.

I’m not sure what to do at this point, other than wait…..more.


Hours on Phone

My sister and I talked for hours! Many things run in families. She said “Well you know apples don’t fall far from the tree they say.” I said “Yeah but I didn’t know any of the apples yet.” We laughed. Alike. It is amazing. My other sister is like this hippy girl —like most of my friends that I’ve made over the years. My brother is this fair laid back awesome dude. We all got “the hair” lol I can’t put into words what it feels like to have siblings. I’ve never even known cousins or anything growing up. There were no peers etc. This is amazing. We have not broke the news to the other 4 yet. But they told their immediate families and all their co workers who ran to my FB page and Deemed me the female Russell (My Bro) I can’t hardly believe it. I’m more like Cher probably but I seen my own eyes looking back at me with Cynthia.Wow. We want to meet and we are going to do DNA (they are) of course to confirm and just see it! There is a little wonder if I may be full siblings with one. We should be half though. I emailed with my brother’s wife and she is extremely polite and friendly. She is being very supportive and thinks this is really answering a lot of questions for her husband. Sounds like they have great spouses. My sister that I spent hours on the phone with (hope she made it to work on time) when asked what is respectful for me to say in reference to my mother, said “you say our MOM, your Mom. That is what she is.” Wow, talk about kindness. I didn’t want to come across as well you know, a Mom thief or something. She is my Mom. Our Mom. That is something just out of this world to me. And I really couldn’t have picked a better family. I have never in my life had such a connection. Even talking about flaws or health complaints —to connect like this is amazing. I’ve never laid eyes on anyone who looked like me or had basic things like me. It’s just so new to me. Understanding without completing a sentence. It HAS to be my family. i’ll be surprised if it’s not my family. It all fits in so perfect and makes so much sense. Good bad and in between. I can’t stop thinking about them. I hope the other 4 don’t hate me. But these 3 are great 🙂 So my sister said that she got a new sister for her birthday!! And my dumb self is so foggy headed I didn’t say happy birthday. I suck. I didn’t catch it until I was off the phone. To be so excited like me. This is  good. Life is good. 🙂

My youngest daughter is real excited as well. my other kids are happy for me but don’t seem as nutty as we are lol I hope that DNA hurries up. I wonder if he got his kit yet? 🙂 The best part of all of this is I don’t have to just “wonder” anymore. There will always be some mysteries but now we can address them together..or not. Together. This is good. I’ve been saying that I wouldn’t pester that all I wanted was a little history and a photo and to put flowers on my mom’s grave. Well I’m still waiting on the photo but I got the totally awesome extra bonus that YES they want to actually meet. Acceptance-never had that before other than with my father that wasn’t my father. That set back we faced when thinking we were reunited but weren’t thanks to that old obsolete DNA test. He was awesome and really accepting and kind. I will never forget him. One can’t have regrets. Maybe the time wasn’t right and that was needed. Can’t revise history and that was part of it. So be it.

We are looking at possibly the end of May to get together. Now all I have to do is my hair nails round up some good clothes (they around here somewhere) Bleach teeth and lose at least 50 lbs. I can do this. I also have to work on getting rid of my limp. Drugs? i wonder what kind I shall need? lmao I’ve got half a month for gawd’s sake.

Oh and apparently we all rescue dogs and are creative. There is other things I’m sure. I see our slight differences too. But it’s almost like it’s the same basic traits. One can take the same talents and do quite different things with the same set of skills. For instance you can write novels or tell fascinating lies. Same thing presented differently. Whatever, it’s family. lol

Updated New or Different Non ID/ Memories through DNA

Mother born abt 1934
“legal” father born abt 1930
Brothers 1953
Sisters 1958

Me 1966

and on the run with Mom. She left and changed her name. Got sick and left me with neighbors then died at the hospital Upstate Medical Center before Jan 19 1967 when I was handed over to social services (not sure location)

I recently read a few articles one of which was this one Almost hocus pocus except it’s not.

When reading my new non id info it was easier to read between the lines than the lines themselves. Not quite the same as the first non id I got. No longer looking for 4 siblings am I. I am not the youngest of 4 –well, I do have 4 half sibs but there are more. Mom had 7 children with my “legal” father. She was still married technically even though she left with me (or i came later) and she changed her name. We almost made it, Mom. 🙂 After she died of a different cause than previously told to me, the neighbors handed me over to the state. For some reason DSS thought I was bi racial so it took some time for me to be placed (they had to see what color I turned into) It is said that my foster mother wanted to keep me but they didn’t let her. (I believe this as I seem to have wanted to return to her) She didn’t seem to care what race I was. Maybe the neighbors who babysat me were black? Maybe abusive Legal Father said I was half black? Who knows. My mother had strawberry blonde Hair like me—not Brown hair. They maintain the English/German thing. The seven siblings were living with the “legal” father’s parents. He signed me away in August 1967. 2 days before I met my new parents in 1968 it was said that I was pretty with blonde curly hair, fair coloring,  and blue eyes. I was quite responsive and very happy child.

One of the 1934-1967 NY women looked at had 7 kids and lived in Seneca NY. I wonder now as this woman didn’t seem to have a lot of info available. This would be true of my mother as well.

I’m so glad I never approached my bio dad’s family. I need to know what happened to my mother first. Something is not jiving although this new info makes more sense. The youngest of the children with “legal” father was 5 when I was born. I don’t know if they knew of me or not. The teen aged boys should have lord only knows what they were told much less what they believed. It’s said she left because of the stress of raising a large family and the “pressure to seek mental Health treatment” —-sounds like the old “I’ll have you committed” if this or that threat to me. “There was also the suggestion that there was domestic violence.” —–Ya think? Anyhow this was 1960 so it was probably sugar coated. Ok so he run her off. The suspected “legal” dad died 10 years after. If he remarried I’m sure there was domestic violence there too. The youngest of my siblings would still have been 16 when he died. Hopefully the grandparents were still alive to help him though. Of course I still don’t know who Mom and “legal” father was. More needs to be done to determine this for sure.

We are up to 10 half siblings now. Unless the mystery Shirley Reed was my mother. Then that would solve most the puzzle–it isn’t likely it is her. She would be the only other possibility using DNA and following the x while paying attention to haplogroup using a female  2nd cousin match.

I do wish Gedmatch was online though as I really need to look at my admixure one more time —Closer! Where DOES this talk of Biracial come in? I can only guess. My hair was curly but not kinky like it is now. I know my black friends and co workers always said that they thought I was black lol. My DNA shows quite European. Biracial can mean anything though not just Black and White.

I don’t know really how I feel. I felt anger almost at first. Now I feel like my mother needs an advocate or something. I’ve often felt we were on the run, now this sort of suggests it.

Page 1 of New Non ID

Page 1 of New Non ID

Page 2 New Non ID

Page 2 New Non ID

The search continues…

Well to punish me for my bug report FTDNA made as though my daughters kit was never ready and not only were the 4 little matches gone but it was put back in a delayed status with a date of 5-13-15. Luckily they were ready today. Advanced matching is still messed up but at least the matches are there. While her report was still “on order” Someone found her on chromosome 16 on gedmatch. She shares the same spot with others for this woman. I’m thinking it’s a bout cracked which means many people’s brick walls will be plowed through thanks to this adoptee’s daughter 🙂 Well, thanks to her DNA. Funny thing is the mrca looks to be from NC or GA. Pretty cool stuff here. This match is on her Dad’s side. I’m not sure if it’s his Gibbs or his Jack-Tahkoney side. Even though both his mother’s parents were BB (full blood) Creek—it is always possible one of their ancestors mingled with some European and then they with another European and so on. What was interesting is there are these White haired Davis twins. Well they are my matches. They are my daughter’s too BUT they also match my child’s match on her father’s side. Boy, those Davises! lol What’s more is that it may actually be a Davis that connects my daughter to her relative on her Dad’s side. I got a history lesson out of this and got to see Dillie Jack not only on the Dawes Rolls but in the census.

I heard from a mtDNA match and although she lives in Ireland, the list of maiden names she gave me seem to line up in my research quite well. In fact there is a family we were looking at in Upstate NY that may be part of that line. We lack one surname from this puzzle though.  One of my candidates for a mother seems to lead me to believe she is not my branch but yet I’m related to her family. I get 6 DNA hints when I attach to her. It’s strange though, the spouses’ ancestors of 4th great uncles seem to match better. I’ve worded that wrong but it’s as though it’s the right family but not blood. Names that I’ve seen over and over on FTDNA but have no known connection to seem to appear as the spouse of some of these people that I’ve attached my DNA to. I wouldn’t be surprised if I am not the daughter of this person but a 4th cousin to her quite by accident lol We are close but I can’t help but wonder if my parent was adopted. Or even adopted by a family member by marriage and under that paperwork. I told the lady that has been helping me “I hope I wasn’t part of the forced adoptions in Ireland” She said well your non id says Protestant—I couldn’t help but say “Catholics and Protestants look a lot alike” lol I don’t trust my non id that much. My adopted parents were protestant. So DSS may just come up with a “protestant” child for them.

The social worker type woman thing told me that my updated non id was 3rd down on her desk. That was forever ago. I have no idea when or if I am going to get this. I don’t know what info is going to be in there. Same stuff, more or something different. Am I waiting so long because she wants to be helpful and put as much as possible? Or is it so long because she is hoping i’ll forget or just go away? Is she carefully constructing some more lies in hopes of hindering? I don’t know. I still don’t know why my once “matched” mother decided to call me 13 years later and say “There has been a mistake” What prompted that? Some change of heart or was her agreement up? Or was her daughter located? Or did she know something all along? I have no idea how to take that. It did seem odd she called after my Adad died. She waited till my aunt uncle and both a-parents were gone to make that call. I may never know why she doesn’t seem interested in finding her real daughter now. I’ve sent her every link I could find to candidates. I don’t think she clicked 🙂 Maybe she didn’t need to. I know I didn’t skip a beat in my search though. I wasted 13 years thinking I was reunited. Thinking, Gee, I look nothing like my own blood lol Well, Gee, maybe because I wasn’t their blood. Silly me.

I have 8 0 distant mtDNA matches. 5 have also done FF tests on FTDNA and did NOT match me. 3 have not. I of the 3 i think may be dead. i wonder if the other 2 did an autosomal test elsewhere? If they haven’t then there is still hope 🙂 Maybe they will. Or maybe they have and are private and will suddenly unblock the world. I can dream.

My DNA guy is on vacation again. I sure hope he comes back soon. I’m patient. I wish I could just rent him a little room in the basement or something. It would be nice. Well, for me lmao. I could install a huge gerbil wheel for him for a little exercise once in a while. A little sunlight through the basement window would provide him enough vitamin D to stay healthy enough to work on my tree. If he gets the job done quick enough he can eat a hot meal in no time at all. Time will simply fly by it will. Ah well, enough fantasy.

All in Due time.

Update and Warning

Step 6 on 23andMe for a child. My child. She has a half brother who should  show an M (maternal match) for her DNA match. He doesn’t, at least not yet. Maybe because it’s a new match. I hope. Otherwise it is a frightening thing how “off” this phasing can be. Also It’s snowing like crazy in Upstate NY this am. It’s blowing in from every direction. 🙂 So I suppose the warnings are; Don’t trust the “M” and don’t trust Spring.

The Biggest Problem ….Or the Latest Problem

It seems as though my DNA leads me one way and any paper trail of my ancestors leads me another. It wouldn’t be too bad if Dad was a NPE and Mom an undocumented orphan, but the possibility of 200+ years of this is maddening. It is quite possible where ever (who ever) my DNA leads me will not be a documented surname/maiden name. I think this is what is happening with me. What’s in a Name? Nothing, absolutely nothing. At least not the DNA that should go with them. When I cross reference any female 1934-1967 although there are plenty of surnames in my DNA matches to match All of them, no precise ancestors are shown in any tree. None. I did a little test with Known people. My adopted family. No one is really into recording them online either. But a few specks of them do pop up here and there. Enough to at least guess. My children’s paternal side. One reference –an obit. No find a grave and no ancestry tree. Sooo many families do not have a genealogist in them. If they do, they don’t expand a thing. Everyone one has just one child leading to them. But at least with hints and member connect on ancestry those families can be expanded. So I’m not completely without hope but I do know at this point DNA is the only thing to solve this. I’m getting older and most of my people are dead. Even if a great niece or nephew tests it would help. If they wait too long I’ll be dead and they will match my children as a DISTANT cousin. Back to square one.

According to my DNA I am pretty healthy with only a few risks. Mainly heart freaking failure related ones. Slightly lower life expectancy and little endurance. See? I don’t have a lot of time. If my non id is right than my mother died at the age of 32 and there were no extended family members willing/able to take me. So that lower life expectancy seems correct so far.My DNA cousins with trees show that most of them died at the age of 50 or less. That is the ones without the “living” 300 year olds. I love those. They are great. Always one side that connects to my closest match displays a whole line of private or “living” ancestors. Strange in itself. Every time I find my connection to someone, I follow it down right to another adoption. I thought I solved this with one cousin, but discovered all on his paternal side (the side that seemed to match me) did not match with DNA. He had several of his 2nd cousins tested on all sides of his own DNA. His maternal side is what we guessed would be who connected us, led to Canada quickly (1920’s) and then fizzled. I don’t know how I ended up in Syracuse NY to be adopted by Onondaga County but I’m pretty sure I was not born there. And I’m even more sure my mother wasn’t. I’m starting to doubt she was a US citizen. I think that long 800 number on my son’s long form birth certificate that time was not a mistake but an immigration/naturalization number like what the federal building employees thought. They said this after they got like 5 people to come inspect this document I held and marveled at “mother’s ss#” being a 800 number that never (and hasn’t  since) existed anywhere in the US. I wish I still had that paper. I thought it was a fluke too. I read about flukes. They are the exact opposite of what a fluke should be. They are quite common and in abundance.

So Alike and such little differences/Brown Eyed Jewish Mutant that I love :-)

My boys are still on step 5. I got them on gedmatch. They match my second cousins. Some of them.  I told my son Jamesy that I’m sorry I didn’t know. I offered him a bar mitzvah. Also—He has a different maternal haplogroup according to 23andMe than his siblings and me. Not an incomplete one, but a different one. I told him he was a mutant —he got a regular kick out of that. We are u5b2c2 (u5b2c according to 23andMe) He came up U5b2a2. I’d say lab problem due to the other theories meaning he had blood problems etc. He is healthy. I know he is mine and he is definitely his Dad’s. Mutations are rare. But then again so is he seeing as he is now my only brown-eyed mutant Jewish child. I contacted the company -no response yet.

Most of my highest matches on 23andMe are private. I sent out introductions with pleas to compare/share genomes. I sent out 6 and 3 people accepted so far. One wrote me back and shared his good tree with me. I like those public profile type folks like me 🙂 I don’t quite understand the other ones but maybe they are into other things. Nothing  closer though. I was hoping for a close match but it appears my people are someplace other than a DNA pool. i could be a great great aunt or something so maybe one of those matches will appear one day.

23andMe is set up sort of as a little fun site. One can even hear a tune played from their own DNA. It’s a little better with health info but that is no longer available. Thanks control freaks! Now I have no grace notes. I like the straight forward feel of FTDNA the best really. I wish you could add more matches to the chromo browser but it’s still a good data filled experience. Ancestry has the trees. Even if your match only has a tiny tree, you can at least develop it yourself to get an idea of where you may connect to them. That myheritage thing on 23andMe is a complete idiotic  farce if you are trying to figure stuff out. I guess it would be just fine if you had a little family that you knew about already and just wanted to display them. Maybe add a new member once in awhile, but it sucks moose cock for trying to discover anything new. The 23andMe is a pretty, colorful experience with lots of little tidbits and forums and ways to go her to do this and then go there to do that. It’s a cheerful place. I need info though. I suppose I need to familiarize more.

The main thing is  that I’m there now and soon the kids will update too. I already see the use for them to be tested when it pertains to my own search as I can see how much that pedigree collapse means. Not much. if we were 3rd or 4th cousins it may mean more. But us sharing all that cM means that even if we really should share less we would still be nearly 2nd cousins. I don’t see a need to go back too much further to cover that. Maybe an extra one gen. The boys match her the right amount -3rd cousins. Over  100 cMs.

Oh the neanderthal thing went up from 2.3 to 2.4% for me. No mention of my 1.5% denisovan. But my sons are 2.5% and 2.7% (for my little Jewish child.  🙂  )