Example of Known German

After trying to figure out how I connect with my top cousins, I decided to look over my origins again. I’m looking on that English/German mother thing. The verdict is… maybe. On ancestry I reached out to see an example of a known German person and how their results appear. It showed European West on ancestry. I only got one example but several people replied with the text telling me about vikings and so forth. The Scandinavian thing seems so vague yet FTDNA and Ancestry seem to agree on it. In the descriptions of my results German is a second thought. Also found in Germany etc. The main reason I looked at this again is to help determine the differences on my parents’ sides. I put this together with my DNA cousins info on their trees and my own haplogroup along with my guesstimated place of birth. Those traces get ignored when trying to match things up but it only takes one feller with one parent of a certain origin to put that trace in your DNA.

Always some Guy with a “trace.” 23andMe has got to be the most aggravating company of them all. For the love of GAWD! Speaking of some dork with a trace. There is no rhyme nor reason to the wait times with them. At least FTDNA abuses/tortures all of us equally with the dang wait times.

These are mine. Gedmatch is more interesting but I’m needing simple for this quest.

I’ve hit twitter with my haplogroup and Gedmatch. I noticed others have done the same thing 🙂