Baby Fever/Sepsis/Septicemia/Puerperal Fever/

My mother’s death was due to Septicemia caused by streptococcal infection origin unknown. Seems like she may have had another child after me in 1967. It depends how “early” in 1967 she died. My info seems off so she may have died quite late in 1967. If that is the case than it is likely she had another child and died shortly after child birth.      (Women with unknown GBS status who deliver at less than 37 weeks’ gestation, have an intrapartum temperature of 38°C (100.4°F) or greater, or have rupture of membranes for 18 hours or longer.)

She had a healthy full term pregnancy with me, an 8 lb 2 oz child, so It makes sense she may have died later in the year of 1967 after having a preemie or abortion (natural or induced).

They changed/reassigned all/most the Cause of Deaths in the 60’s and prior from Septicemia to other things. That’s why it may be important for me to search with broader causes such as “brief illness” “fever” etc.

Something causes the sepsis in other words.

. sepsis remains one of the leading immediate causes of death.

If she passed away in “early 1967” then it is still possible she got pregnant again and miscarried (natural abortion) and died from infection. This makes sense but so does toughing it out for months after I was born. She would have to have died in January 1967. 1. because that would be long enough to suffer from my birth and 2. because the state is stupid and “early” would have to be the first sign of “early” Which would be January. Early should mean 1-4 (jan-apr) based on a 12 month year containing early, mid, and late. But look who we are dealing with? The “reporter” of these facts may also be a cut and dry type, going by early and late. First 5.5 months being early and Last 5.5 months being late. If she died closer to mid or late 1967 then there was enough time for the theory of another child to be true. Getting pregnant early after giving birth might have led her to a botched abortion which especially back then would be almost certain sepsis. It is certainly something to consider and adds more to my search. Anything is possible even if improbable.

It’s hard playing this guessing game with my life and my family. They (the state of ny) should really be held accountable. Perhaps liable for upholding these biased hateful crazy laws.

Information recorded is only as good as the reporter. They could have scratched any old thing down knowing that it will be sealed and secret and no one will ever find out. Or so they thought. Shame on all of them involved. Unknown is far better than incorrect data. Integrity regardless of amount of pay or weight of work load is vital.