ISO Siblings in NY

I looked up on find a grave anyone 1934(33)-1967 female that even seems like they may have had an unknown child (me) born in 1966. But now what? Siblings either don’t really exist, all nonidinfo bogus, or they were told I was dead. Or of course they never liked the new baby anyways lol No one is looking for my info anyhow. I supposedly have four older siblings (might be a generic story they tell all of us adoptees) I don’t know if it’s a good idea to reach out or not. I may never get a confirmed match because birth father is unknown. Birth mother is dead and unable to sign registry. Siblings may be in other states and not know where to register or may not know I exist. I found 2 graves that seem possible. I wish there was a way to search of all females in the united states that died of septicemia in early 1967. Or narrowed to NY. I’ve read where cause of death from sepsis has been reassigned. So that would make it harder.