Bio: I was adopted and lived in Syracuse NY. The adoption was handled by onondaga social services. It doesn't actually state where I was born nor my four older siblings. Nothing states if they were placed anywhere either. I was born in September of 1966, mother died of sepsis in early 1967 and I was adopted in 1968. Adopted parents are from Pennsylvania. No name and won't have one unless siblings register with state of NY. (if any info is true) Birth parents can't register if they are deceased so no match. Would like to at least know my birth info. I thought my birth family and I had found each other but got a call a few days ago and she said she was told that beyond any doubt I was not her biological child. 14 years after our "reunion" I was told the DNA was wrong. She is really convinced just as I finally was convinced of us being a match. Too many lies. The non id info could all be a lie. Now to find out DNA can be a lie as well? Well. Such is life in this grand adventure. I find myself looking at faces ....then looking at my own. Nothing. This year I have registered with FTDNA now that there are more markers used. Hopefully I'll find something out. The company we used years ago was only a "peace of mind" test which offers No peace of mind. It showed that we were a match (but on only 3 markers). It meant we were a match no more than thousands of others could be. They didn't mention that when they sold her the expensive kits (at that time) If we match up again in a pool of many and our profiles not linked in anyway then we will know. No one is hopeful on that. It's a mystery. We should all have a right to our birth details. I'd like to know where I came from. Maybe a photo and a little history.

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  1. What a journey you are on! I really hope that you FTDNA helps you find your birth family. There are so many stories in the news lately about DNA reuniting adoptees with their members of their biological families…crossing my fingers that it happens for you!

  2. This is a tough situation for you for a number of reasons. How much paper trail on your parents could possibly be extracted form the Oonadaga Social Service?

    • Well if all the records weren’t sealed there may be at least information on my foster home and who signed the relinquishment if anyone. They may have went the “abandoned” route and waited the 12 months for my mother to show up and/or pay support although she was dead. They may have collected some social security for me. All my records are sealed though. Ny state is bad enough but Onondaga County DSS is the worst about not sharing even good non id info. Even if not relinquished there should have been some investigation on file.

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